Chefs are perhaps the most experimental of the lot. While rest of us happily enjoy the delicacies which are already prepared, chefs wonder how they could distinguish every common dish with their flair of cooking.

Imperfect Misfits is a book about a chef, Tiasha who experiments with her culinary as well as her life. 21 years of age, but confusions like a hundred year old, it’s her journey of finding what she really wants from life—a happy go lucky job where she is excelling and doing extremely well or her cooking career, where she’ll need to create a niche for herself, all by her own.

Wavy journeys, making tons of mistakes, rectifying them and implementing the learning, Tiasha moves ahead to the World Food Festival, where the novel ends. Each chapter in the book starts with a dish and ends with an analogy of that dish to life. From White Sauce Pasta I saw in Bikanerwala to the Beetroot cake that Tiasha makes, everything defines something in her life as well.

In all, Imperfect Misfits is a love story of a chef and a stand up comedian, trying to find ways in the life they were living in!